Security and ecology through inner strength

The long tradition of developing and producing high-quality precision instruments according to "Swiss-made" standards demands that we build long-term, reliable, and therefore favorable, ecological systems for stable power supply. Driven by innovation and guided by integrity, we help our customers reach their demanding goals. Our success is ultimately based on the benefit that we work on together with our customers. We are broad-minded enough to recognize new opportunities in the market, future technology, and their social dimension. To meet these demands, we are increasing our self-confidence and our team spirit, not forgetting quality of life.

We expect and give spontaneous  feedback and learn from mistakes in order to always improve ourselves just that little bit more. This includes NSE employees with their unique knowledge and competencies, as well as their tireless commitment to serving our customers – the foundation of any long-term success. And if the complex technology in the backdrop of our products' application goes unnoticed, even if the requirements continuously grow, then this helps people exactly according to our plan, because "economy and ecology has been united through inner strength."

Core Competencies in Medium and High-Voltage Installations

Grid services

  • Project management
  • Engineering and construction
  • Upkeep and service
  • Retrofit

Research and development

  • Hardware and PC-based software
  • Hardware for measuring and control technology
  • Grid models and algorithms
  • Specification and test


  • Assembly and production of electrical devices for medium and high-voltage installations
  • Assembly and production of electromechanical devices
  • Control cabinet construction