Planning of POWERSAVE and DIGISAVE RN and RD as Version V2


Sale of the DIGISAVE RB Traction Protection Relays
After having produced DIGISAVE devices for around 10 years, a completely reworked version was brought onto the market for the first time as a 16.7-Hz traction current protection. The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) was the intended customer. The devices were to be used as autonomous protection relays supplied with transformer power and equipped with capacitor energy blocks to be tripped in the event of a blackout.


Market Expansion in Germany
Our partner SAE IT based in Cologne successfully implemented combined protection and field control units from our company into the public utilities in Heide, Germany. This led to us getting a toe into markets abroad.


Sale of the First KOMBISAVE Devices
Modern combined protection and field control units left the plant and were installed in UW Münchenstein EBM, Switzerland.


The Transformation of NSE AG
NSE GmbH transformed into NSE AG with its share capital increasing to 200,000 CHF.


Production of High-Current Sources HI2000
A high-current check source built on a transformational principle was released to check the current transformers and primary protection relays. The source generated testing currents of up to 2000 A.


DIGIMUT Retrofit
NSE AG developed a conversion kit to use the mechanical primary relay and implemented this as a prototype in Zurich's EW. The kit included both a numerical protection relay supplied with transformer power and a special 12/24/36 kV current transformer. The interface to the circuit breaker consisted of its own specifically developed TRIP mechanics.


Start of the DIGISAVE Production Line
The first DIGISAVE numerical protection relays left the Wohlen plant in Switzerland and were headed to Lenzerheide in the Swiss canton of Graubünden, where they joined the long-term production of protection relays in Switzerland by Sprecher&Schuh.


Construction of Protection Relay Production SAVE-TEC / Apparatus Manufacturing in Wohlen
A production line for electronic protection relays (SAVE technologies) was installed and built in Wohlen.


Wohlen AG Headquarters
The office building in Wohlen AG moved to Bremgarterstrasse 54. The headquarters were relocated to Wohlen. Start of the development activity on the numerical protection relays


On 06/30/1999, NSE GmbH was entered as a cooperate entity in the Swiss Commercial Register. The focus was on design work/engineering services in medium-voltage and the modernization of substations.


Engineering Office
The freelance engineering services of Andreas Aebersold MEng in Dottikon/AG at Luegetenstrasse 1 were taken on.

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