Product discontinuation DIGISAVE

Product discontinued per 30.06.2021, last orders possible
Discontinuation of production lines per 31.12.2021

DIGISAVE: Protection relay for RN1 retrofit

The DIGISAVE protection relay is used as a performance and transformer protection in medium-voltage grids with isolated or compensated neutral point execution and also consists of all the functions of motor protection.

The DIGISAVE RN has a variety of functions and features to react to the system requirements in a customer-oriented manner. This includes the ability to plug in the connections using the plug/test connector and the comprehensive power management of the protection relay power (power consumption <1 VA). 1 VA of power is enough for the main current transformer when supplying the current transformer with power. This dual power or triple power relays already work from a transformer power supply of 0.2 x In in 200 mVA per phase.

Freely parameterizable LEDs, mechanical position indicators (display), a 4-line display in version V1, and a graphic display in version V2 with unique displays allow for the process statuses to be easily and clearly reproduced. This then allows staff to be notified of the current and previous status at all times. The protection is parameterized in the simplest menu-driven way at the protection relay. It is of course possible to parameterize using the DIGICOM operating program.

DIGISAVE corresponds to the high requirements of the "Swiss-made quality" label and meets all type checks in accordance with IEC 60255.

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