Ethernet communication, IEC 61850

Ethernet interface

  • Optionally an electrical or optical connector on the rear of the unit.
  • Monitoring and operating via a control system or PC via the (TCP/IP) Ethernet using IEC 61850
  • Available in all devices except for DIGISAVE

IEC 61850: Main bus, MMS, and GOOSE

  • IEC 61850-8-1; block 1, 2, 5, 6, 9ab, 2ad, 13, 14.
  • IEC 61850 is a general purpose communications protocol for the protection and control of process control systems in electrical substations using medium and high-voltage equipment (station automation).
  • Data is conveyed via electrical or optical Ethernet connections (TCP/IP).
  • IEC 61850 support via the Ethernet interface can be ordered as an optional extra.
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